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Kovacs Tae Kwon Do

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Laying a strong foundation for our students is our mission.Kovacs Taekwondo emphasizes the discipline of attention and respect, concentration and timing, strength and flexibility, achievement and accomplishment, goal setting, sportsmanship, confidence and character.We are success oriented and we will keep you motivated to accomplish your goals.We are committed to giving you the best training in the area.

Coach Andreea Kovacs


Andreea Kovacs Lester


Ms. Andreea brings an impressive resume of personal Taekwondo Championships and over 20 years of 

Martial Arts experience to her training and teaching Taekwondo. 


Her major competition accomplishments include:

- 5 time Romanian National Champion and National Team Member

- 7 time USA AAU National Champion

- 8 time USA AAU National Team Member

- 2 time USA AAU Women’s Team Captain


Her Coaching experience includes:

- National Team Coach for USA Taekwondo 

- Texas Taekwondo Team Coach

- USAT Level 2 Certified Coach

- USA AAU Certified Coach

- Head Coach and Owner of Kovacs Taekwondo


Ms. Andreea has produced local, state, national, international and Junior Olympic Champions. She has a 

great ability to coach athletes to medal performances at major national and international events.

Kovacs Taekwondo creates Leaders and Winners!

Taekwondo Sparring
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